Feeding Your Guinea Pigs


Even if youor guinea pig doesn’t overeat, feeding them the proper ratio of grains, straw, and vegetables is crucial. Guinea pigs, cannot produce their own vitamin C and should intake foods excellent in this vitamin in their regular diet just like humans.

Guinea Pigs Food Types

Industrial food

Choose pellets without extra dried fruit or seeds which is vitamin C-fortified for your guinea pigs. It is essential also to provide your companion vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables regularly since vitamin C commonly deteriorates fastly. It will be enough to provide your pet with about 1/8 cup of granules daily, with fresh vegetables and hay.

Timothy Hay

Daily, provide your guinea pigs an infinite quantity of brand-new Timothy hay. To advance their metabolism and control the growth of their teeth, as your companion needs constant grass availability.

Vegetables and Fruits

Daily serve your guinea pig with one fresh vegetables, or about one cup total, must be provided to every guinea pig. The fresh vegetables of  your guinea pigs must be leafy greens, such as cilantro, romaine lettuce, kale, parsley, and red and green leaf lettuces. 

The most significant method to give diversity is to provide a fresh kind of green daily. Green or red peppers, broccoli, and more vegetables that have rich vitamin C create the best options each day. Once or up to two times weekly, including zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, or tomatoes.

Providing special treats like fruit once each day or numerous times every week works the best. The fruit contains mouthful of sugar, so maintain your servings little. A little slice of citrus or some blueberries, apple, or a small piece of banana will do perfectly. Vitamin C rates are high in berries citrus fruits and kiwis.

Offering Treats To Your Guinea Pigs

A range of industrial snacks is sold for guinea pigs and other tiny creatures. They offer minimal nutritional benefits and are packed with empty calories since they are laden with synthetic sweeteners like high fructose, corn syrup, or sucrose.

Industrial goodies are pointless and expensive. Your pig can become content with premium grains, hay, and snacks made of vegetables and fruits. Add extra rolled oats to your guinea pig’s food for a special treat, or fill a tiny plastic tube with clean hay.

Mineral Wheels and Vitamin Supplements

Wheels of multivitamins, minerals, or salt are promoted as dietary supplements for your guinea pig and as places for them to munch. But these things should be optional if you provide your guinea pig with a variety and sensible nutrition.

The adhesives and glue used to assemble mineral and salt wheels could be dangerous. Additionally, the bleaching procedure for salt wheels adds pointless toxins to your pig’s diet. While opinions on these goods are divided, they should be viewed as less important when deciding how to use your pet supply budget.

The Best Dish

Choose a ceramic dish over a plastic one for your food. Ceramic plates are reliable, chew-proof, and challenging to tip over. They are also strong and should only require replacement once damaged or chipped.

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