Planning to rent a car? Don’t miss out on these points!

Even if your vacation entails flying to the concerned destination (say, for example – touching down at the Newark EWR Airport and then opting for a rental car service to The Newark Museum of Art) – how about giving your vacay a spin? Considering this point, how about ditching your personal vehicle and opting for a car rental service to experience a cross-country drive? Here are your answers to that – 

This article will outline why the concept of car rental services has gained such popularity, what factors you must check before opting for one, what its benefits are, and the ‘key’ factors that influence its pricing. 

Why car rental services have become so popular?

As the global pandemic devastated economies, the travel industry took the biggest hit! With travel restrictions and global lockdown, the airlines, hospitality business, and even car rental services took a massive downturn. Even when it opened up, the economy was shattered, leaving people with little or no money to buy a car (or even retain one for those who already had it and were financially broke to maintain it). From there, the concept to rent a car emanated widely (though the service was in place, but post-pandemic accelerated its growth). 

With people interestingly concentrating more on safety and hygiene concerns while looking for alternatives in terms of personal mobility (public transport as an option fell out of favor), the offerings of car rental services came back – this time with an increased force. In fact, for shorter durations, people are looking at options like ‘renting a chauffeur-driven car’, and for longer durations ‘subscription-based car service’ is the most opted. 

So much so – that the global automobile leasing and rental market is expectedly looking at a humongous rise of $492.5 billion by 2025. 

However, before you jump into this market, seeking its benefits, here are a couple of factors you need to cross-check. 

What questions to ask before opting for one?

Here are a host of queries you must tick off before investing in a car rental service – 

  • What is the range of the car rental service? 
  • What is the price that they are charging? 
  • Can you choose your car? 
  • Do they fulfill your requirements? 

Before you pick up a car rental service, it is crucial that you receive answers to these queries, and that too in the positive. When you are concerned with the range of your rental car, that is, the distance it covers, it becomes easier for you to plan the vehicle you may take and the estimated costs associated. 

The next thing you need to note is the monetary costs involved in the same. Approximately, the rates start at a mere $29 for one-sided transportation and that too on a basic 4-seater vehicle. From hereon, the price goes up to $56,$79 to even $80 for premium vehicles like SUVs and minivans. 

Added to that, you need to clarify, the type of car you are opting for and whether it matches all your requirements. 

Say, for example, if you consider renting a car from Drivo, then you have a series of options like – economy, midsize and compact, with Rolls Royce and Mercs in their luxury fleet and passenger vans and cargo trucks as well to opt for. 

Only when you get precise answers to these queries must you proceed to check if the services offered are advantageous for you and that too to what extent. 

How beneficial is this service?

When you have clarified these factors and decided on going ahead with the service, you can check out the range of benefits that this service would bring forth – 

  • Economically viable option 

You have already checked out the factors that you had to. Let’s try acquainting you as to how your choice would be beneficial in due course. The car rental service is an extremely economically viable option, with you paying an amount that is comparatively nominal. Imagine the costs you had to incur if you had your own vehicle. 

What’s more? If you opt for a subscription format, then automatically, you will have to pay an amount that covers all the road taxes and registration fees – once and for all with no hidden costs. That would imply not only a financially minimal responsibility but also a minimal commitment from the user’s side. 

  • Have a wide fleet of vehicles to fulfill your requirements 

If it’s your personal vehicle, then you have to use it for all purposes. Imagine – connecting with a rental service and getting to opt for a range of vehicles as per the occasion’s demand. 

  • Re-inforced safety issues 

Assuredly, the safety and hygiene issues are categorically taken care of with specially sanitized cars and health protocols following drivers serving you. 

Factors affecting its pricing 

Having noted it all, good things do come at a price. Therefore, quite like an aware customer, it is essential that you check out some crucial factors that affect the pricing of these car rentals. That would categorically enable you to make a calculated decision on investing in a specific brand – 

Factor 1 – The size and type of car that you are choosing 

The price (whether for a singular one-way journey) or a subscription-based feature, the type of car service – luxury, regular, or minivan will determine the price of the same. Take your pick from the price chart and crack a deal accordingly. 

Note: For long-term deals, there are a number of ‘discounts’ available that you must check. 

Factor 2 – The time period of your rent (and cancellation charges) 

Another factor that determines the price is the time for which you are renting the car. Also, certain rental services offer a full refund if you cancel 24 hours and a basic refund if you cancel up to 4 hours before the journey. 

Factor 3 – Who’s paying for the gas 

It is advised that you do not prepay for the gas. Different agencies have different formats, and some agree to include the gas costs in the final amount, while some clarify self payment. This is another key point that determines the price of the rental car. 

Parting thoughts 

The reason for this spurt in car rental services is based on people’s demands in the post-pandemic world for a safe and economical mode of travel. In fact, even if one thinks of the long-term and goes for subscription offerings of the car rental service – it deems to be an economically safe option given that the maintenance and registration charges are covered within the subscription fees. With the pandemic adding impetus to this industry, it is time you explore the available options in the market and choose one that matches most of your requirements. 

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