Turn Your Auto Repair Shop Into A Digital Vehicle Inspection Station With Tekmetric

Turn Your Auto Repair Shop Into A Digital Vehicle Inspection Station With Tekmetric

Founded in March of 2015 by Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel, Tekmetric was designed with the goal to provide auto repair shops with the necessary software tools in an easy to use format. The platform that the company offers is simple, secure, and it allows a user to manage all of their business aspects in a single place. The Tekmetric platform can help users run a successful auto shop, and at the same time take their business to the next level and outperform their competition.

When users choose Tekmetric for the first time, what they will notice is the fact that the software is customizable, easy to operate, and able to manage all of the business aspects. One of the main things that the platform brings to the table is the fact that it allows users to have a more organized auto repair shop, due to the fact that instead of dealing with all task associated with the business manually, the program provides them with the opportunity to operate their business from a single place.

Keeping track of everything

Having the orders pile up can make for a difficult and intimidating situation and it is also not good for the business when you have to let your customers wait. By using the platform you will be able to keep track of every repair order and stay on top of your schedule in order to not lose control of things. The software allows you to set up a date for every order and you can take care of business in a timely fashion in order to return the cars to their respective customer back when they need them.

Digital vehicle inspection management

Besides saving you time when it comes to inventory management, the platform can also help increase your business when it comes to the digital vehicle inspection side of things. Once your business is linked to your local DMV, your auto shop can be turned into an inspection station. The software allows you to connect with the local DMV and in turn make you more efficient with your inspection station. Working as a digital vehicle inspection station can bring in a good profit year round.

Tracking your customers and your employees

Tekmetric allows you to keep track of your customer base by using a mailing list in order to communicate with them on a regular basis – this can help you retain customers as they will bring their business to you once again if you manage to gain their trust and build a strong relationship over time. You will also be able to manage your employees using the software, as you will be able to check in on their information and their working hours, and you can store a lot of info on them, such as overtime, days off, and tax information.

Set up your price

Offering competitive pricing is one of the best ways that can get you, new customers. Using the platform you will be able to adjust your prices whenever you see fit. During certain times of the year, when you notice the fact that your competitors are offering discounts, you will be able to easily change your pricing using the software in order to remain a strong force in the marketplace.

Once you experience the software first hand it will become clear why Tekmetric is the best choice when it comes to auto shop software. From inventory to billing, to digital vehicle inspection, to invoicing and employee tracking, the program is able to run a large number of tasks that will greatly improve your efficiency. Additionally, due to the fact that the program is stored in the cloud, you will be able to use it for all your shops with a single account.

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