Car Transport Companies Report Increased Shipments Leaving New York


One of the states hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic was New York. With a variety of regulations in place to help protect the public, measures have been implemented for public places for consumer safety.

Some might worry about the car transport companies entering the state to procure these vehicles, but the state has laid out a plan for essential workers entering New York. Most of the people traveling into the state are required to quarantine, especially from a list of states specifically listed as quarantine states.

Essential workers, such as car transporters, are exempt from the quarantine. They still need to monitor symptoms and exposure but can do the jobs they are tasked with, without the two weeks of quarantine or health testing forms required by visitors.

Now that more businesses are opening and travel is relaxing, people are taking the next step in their lives. Car transport companies have begun to see an increase in the number of transport requests – for both auto transports and household goods shipments.

New York can make international moving a breeze with access to ports and the Atlantic Ocean. can provide you with an in-depth look at all the options and pricing available to move your items and car out of the Big Apple.

One of the major cities that aspiring young graduates and artists seem to flock to is NYC. The fact that the town was dealt a hard blow during the pandemic has sent many younger newcomers back home because the jobs just aren’t there.

Are there any other reasons that could explain the sudden increase in car transporters shipping more from New York?

There are prominent car manufacturers all across the state of New York that was essentially on hold or reduced capacity at the height of the pandemic. Now manufacturing is at or near full capacity, catching up for the lost time.

Many people are still looking to snag some of the best quality cars in 2020, which are being shipped to dealerships by car transport companies. The increase in car sales is facilitating the production increases within the economy’s need.

Dealerships are also finding themselves transferring vehicles throughout the larger car dealership chains throughout the country to help fulfill customers’ needs.

What do you do if you need to find an auto transport company during this increased shipment period?

Right now, the best thing you can do is get an appointment as early as possible when it comes to a car shipment. The more time the company has to fit you in, the more likely you will get your ideal shipping spot. Of course, there are last-minute scenarios where you need to be accommodated as soon as possible – these are the circumstances that will have to be discussed during a quote.

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