Internet Security Tips That You Should Follow to Stay Safe from Cyber Crimes

Internet Security

In today’s era with increasing cyber crimes such as identity theft, data theft, hacks, stolen currency and much more, it is imperative to keep your system and accounts safe from cyber threats and attacks. There are several ways that can help you secure your accounts and put you on a safer side. Below are some internet security tips that can help you stay safe from cyber threats and attacks. So, read along and save yourself because assuming it will never happen to you is the biggest lie you tell yourself. 

Install an Anti-Virus 

If you still do not have an anti-virus in your phone and laptop you are making a mistake. An anti-virus is a must-have especially in today’s time as it turns on safe browsing, notifies you of potential threats, viruses, and blocks all malicious websites. An antivirus works as an overall shield for your internet-powered devices and keeps them safe from potential invaders and viruses. So, the initial step is to have an anti-virus. 

Do Not Connect to Open Wi-Fi Networks 

Open Wi-Fi Networks are hubs for hacks, data theft, and all kinds of cybercrimes and spyware. Hackers use open Wi-Fi networks to especially intrude and hack your devices, it works as an open door for them to enter your devices and then your accounts. While that free Wi-Fi in the café might look a good opportunity to post some stories, it is better to wait until you get home, or have a secure connection in your phone. Besides, a lot of internet service providers solve this issue by providing their own secure and free hotspots nationwide, so you can always switch. 

Opt For a Safer Internet Service 

Having an outdated internet service in today’s time is an internet service provider that doesn’t even provide you basic security. There are several internet service providers that come with advanced internet security and also provide security in TV packages for your children. So, if you still have an internet that doesn’t have advanced security system consider changing it, and check out TV and Internet Packages on 

They have plenty of bundle packages that make your service super affordable and provide you with maximum security. Also, as we discussed, many of the internet service providers have their own Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide which also save you from unsecured open Wi-Fi networks. 

Use Different and Unique Passwords 

Whenever you set up your password, make sure it is super unique and difficult to crack. Even if it is your home network’s password you are often easy on the uniqueness which makes it easy to crack and anyone can predict it. Having a unique password can save you from unwanted users on your internet as well as save your devices from hacks, malware and spyware. 

Keep All Your Accounts Disconnected From One Another 

One more mistake that we often make is that we keep all our social media as well as services accounts connected to each other. One example is that we either keep our accounts connected with Gmail, or all are linked with Facebook. While it may seem convenient, in order to hack all our accounts, all a hacker needs to do is hack one of the accounts and he will have access to all. Easy as that. So, it is most important to keep your Ids and accounts safe and disconnected. 

Different Passwords for Different Accounts 

When you have a lot of accounts on social media, banks, and online wallets, it seems easier to have the same password for all your accounts. Also, while we keep all the accounts disconnected, one mistake we make is having the same password for all accounts for convenience. Well, in order to keep things convenient, we must not risk our accounts so it is best if you keep unique and different passwords for all your accounts so that they are not easy to crack.

Different Emails for Different Accounts 

Similar to having different passwords, if you also keep different emails, you will have lower chances or hacks and cyber-attacks because it will be difficult to go from one email to all your accounts. Also, if you follow this one tip it will be helpful for the above safety tip to work. 

Always Use a VPN

We cannot emphasize enough how important we believe it is to have a VPN on all your devices. Not only does a VPN help you access blocked content, it also allows you to stay anonymous, and when you are anonymous on the web your IP address is encrypted, location is confused, and credentials are hidden which help you stay anonymous, so there are way lesser chances of you falling prey to hackers or spyware. VPN lessens your chances of cyberattacks a lot and helps you keep your information and identity safe. 

Clear Your Browsing History, Cache and Cookies

While it may not seem important, it is important to clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history as it may contain saved passwords that might get risked any time. When you keep your history and cache cleared you do not risk your passwords and identity which may be in the history, so even if someone does get into your system you will have nothing to lose in your browser history. Also, since you can’t always keep cleaning your browser activity, always deny when google asks you to ‘save password’ because that also might give your credentials away. 

Don’t Believe in Unreal Promises Because They Are Fake Promises 

Well, we often see promises and offers from websites that seem unreal and super tempting. No matter how tempting and attractive those websites might look, they are usually traps for you to fall prey to phishing attacks. These websites, or third party apps redirect you to websites that are potential risks and are there to get your credentials copied. This way you fall prey to data theft, and identity theft, and a lot can go wrong due to this. So, stay safe and don’t open every fancy and promising link that you get in your inbox or as an ad. 

Well, similar to these, there are several other tips that you can follow to make your internet more secure and safe from cyber threats and potential attacks. Since the issue is rising and real, make sure you follow these security tips and take all safety precautions or it will cost you a lot, since most of us even have our banks on our phones. Additionally, your device security starts with your internet security and if your internet is not secure enough, you are bound to face threats. Get a safe and secure internet plan from BuyTVInternetPhone to ensure security!

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