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Car Buying Guide: Tips to Save Big on Your Ride

First of all, what is the owner’s manual? According to Wikipedia, it’s a book or booklet containing instructions on how to use a technologically advanced product, in our strict case, the vehicle or car. This type of manual usually contains information ranging from safety and setup instructions, instruction for normal operation to maintenance and in some cases technical specifications. Do not be confused with the repair manuals which usually contain schematics of how the vehicle it’s built and it’s used mainly by mechanics and most of the time you have to pay for them.

I must admit that I never touched the owner’s manuals until I had a problem or I didn’t know some car fault signs. The majority of us act like this, but I think it’s very important to know what you can do and can’t do to your car before buying it or just after. After all, that’s why every car has an owner’s manual so you can consult it. This way you can keep both you and the safety of your car in a long way. You will find useful tips and recommendations on how to keep the car in good condition and increase the life span.

Now let’s get going and describe some tips of keeping your owners manual handy in the car all the time as possible.

Information is power and yet the owner’s manual familiarizes you about your vehicle’s features and equipment. It explains controls, displays, indicator lights, helping you better recognize the warning signs of possible faults. This data is valuable as you’ll know when you need to bring your vehicle to a car mechanic. Also, the owner’s manual describes your car’s warranty, span period and miles/kilometers coverage. Usually, the warranty includes bumper to bumper coverage, but certain parts like tires and glass breakage need to be repaired by a car technician.

Knowledge saves your day because it is essential to carefully examine the owner’s manual so you learn to know your car as much as possible. You’ll discover how to properly drive the vehicle as well to conduct certain automotive mechanic services such as oil and filter replacement, cleaning and daily care which will keep you a lot of cash you’d normally give to a mechanic.

The manual also highlights numerous tips and advice, the maker defines for your car model. From advice on how to drive safely to advise on maintenance, repairs, engine management, auto-check, and possibly dangerous situations you may find yourself in.

When operating a vehicle, safety is the number one thing you should worry about. To ensure your vehicle is in excellent shape and operates perfect, read the owners manual cover to cover to learn when a car check needs to be performed. Any car mechanic workshop can conduct almost any car-related assistance or repair, but not a single car technician can educate you on how to improve your driving and how to manage your automobile so it produces nothing less than perfection.

The best part about the car’s manual is that it is loaded with even basic knowledge about the vehicle. For example, suppose if your automobile stops in the middle of the road for a very simple reason such as if battery terminals get loose or discharged battery, it can leave your car stranded out there in the woods. Through the car’s manual, you can recognize such problems easily and if you cannot recognize the problem then you will get the telephone number of your nearest assistance center to call for help or guidance.

By studying the manual you will get to understand when you have to take your vehicle for service. As each car maker and each vehicle model, it’s better to know about the maintenance throughout the manual before you get your car-choked or get any mechanical glitch. Every car manual comes with a service schedule and it will keep you updated about the car’s service too.

Finding your car’s spare tire can be tough if you have purchased a new car. Different car models have different setups for a spare tire and you can easily get confused while searching for it. But luckily you can find where the spare tire is by consulting the manual. Another common problem for any new car owner is finding a way to open the vehicle’s fuel tank, hood, or boot box since car companies place these buttons in very unfamiliar places. If ever you get stuck with these just open the manual and you will know how to tackle the problem.

Many people want to modify their cars, this phenomenon is also known as car tuning. But what is car tuning? According to a general definition is the alteration of a car to optimize it for a various set of performance requirements from those it was designed to meet. The most common type of tuning is related to higher engine performance, dynamic handling characteristics, and visuals such as changing the car’s tire, rims, bulbs or brakes. But cars may also be modified to provide better fuel economy or smoother response. Usually, tuning is done at the expense of emissions performance, component security, and passenger comfort.

But just before going ahead and starting tuning the vehicle, a good idea is to know your car as much as possible. If you check these pages in detail then you can get the correct information for adjusting for high performance and you don’t need extra tuning. 

But what happens when you buy a used car, you lose the car owners manual or simply is too hard to find a specific keyword throughout the printed version of the manual? 

Well, for everybody who wants the digital manual on a mobile, desktop or tablet device, a good resource is to download the PDF version of the manual. It has a tremendous collection of over 4k owners manuals, with up to 700 models from 41 makes, which are classified by make, model and year.

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